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Oct 12, 2012 12:00am PDT
and testy exchange. >> joe bind and paul ryan head to head on wide range of issue issues. mark matthews is here tonight with some of the key moments. >>reporter: we expected vice president biden to be the aggressor. we expected ryan to try and reassure voters. both men delivered. debate began with questions about the attack on benghazi that killed ambassador chris stevens. >> we will find and bring to justice the men who did this. >>reporter: vice president biden askeding that whatever mistake were made will not be made again. congressman ryan quick to point one out. >> it took the president two two weeks to annual that this was a terrorist attack. this benghazi issue would be a tragedy in and of itself but unfortunately it's in addictive of a broader problem. that is what we are watching in our tv screen unraveling of the obama foreign policy. >>reporter: would he repeat the line several times during the debate but unlike the presidential debate biden faster to fire wac. >> with all due respect that's a bunch of malarkey. not a single thing he said is being rat. he appeared to
Oct 13, 2012 12:00am PDT
say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. with snack-defying, satisfying totino's pizza rolls. and now when you buy two 40-count bags, instantly get a free bottle of ranch from hidden valley. it's on. let's roll. advantage in the national league championship series. that's good news. that's because the cardinals pulled out the win tonight. they made a huge come back against the washington nationals. the first game against the cardinals will be in san francisco. it will be this sunday at 5:15. the giants will play two games at home and three on the road and if necessary two games back in san francisco. >> exciting. >>> well this weekend a santa clara woman and three generations of her family will be celebrating her graduation from college. >> great story this is. at the age of 93 ole live chandler -- olive chandler finally earned her bachelor's degree from san jose state. >> but it is a degree that has actually been 72 years in the making.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2